BrusyBrush Bath Body Brush:

Treat Your Skin To A Deluxe Home Spa-Like Experience

Would you like to give in to a revitalizing home body massage experience to relieve stress after a tiring day at work and restore harmony of body and soul?

Spoil Yourself With The Deluxe Skin Care Services Of An All-Natural Scrub Massaging Body Brush

Manufactured to address the challenges of the demanding modern lifestyle, this natural scrub massager brush is coming to offer your delicate skin all the professional care it needs to radiate health!

Made from 100% NATURAL BOAR BRISTLES that respect the most sensitive skin and featuring a convenient 16” long BEECHWOOD HANDLE for easy access to the most hard-to-reach spots, this amazing natural Bath Body Brush makes a multipurpose godsend for all your body skin needs.

Reap The Multiple Benefits Of An Excellent Scrub Brush

Reach effortlessly even the most difficult spots and cleanse deeply your feet, back or shoulders thanks to the ergonomic long handle which ensures firm grip for optimized control in use.

Gentle in touch, yet efficient, our lymphatic brushing massager will exfoliate dead cells, stimulate lymphatic system detox, remove toxins, reduce fluid retention, improve blood circulation, cleanse pores in depth and fight persistent cellulite, leaving your skin firm and toned, radiating health!

Give In To A Revitalizing Wet Or Dry Body Massage

Easily detach the handle and slip your hand through the strap to turn your body brush into a potent cellulite massager! Gently rub stubborn cellulite spots with circular moves to improve your skin texture, washing away stress, alleviating muscle tension and inducing an overall feeling of peace and wellness that will make you radiate positive energy!

When It Comes To Your Skin Needs, Trust Nature!

Leave Your Daily Skin Care To The Expert Touch Of All-Natural BrusyBrush Bath Body Brush And Radiate Confidence!