Face Brush Set

The Face Brush for Wet and Dry brushing is a good way to start taking care of your skin.

Product Features:

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Most people tend to care for the skin on their face, regularly exfoliating, cleansing and moisturizing. Doing this can help release an antibacterial that helps prevent infection with wounds.

The Face Brush for Wet and Dry brushing is a good way to start taking care of your skin. Both the wet and dry brushing offer their own benefits. Dry brushing before a shower can help stimulate your skin and wash away the flaked skin. Brushing it wet can remove left over flaked skin and stimulate nerves. Brushing upwards will lift the muscles in the face. This gentle scrubbing brush can be used with all skin types and even people with skin conditions such as rosacea and acne.

The wet brush is made with nylon bristles and a plastic handle making it ideal for the facial cleansing. The dry brush is made of boar bristles and a wooden handle which makes great for reducing shine. The wet brush can be cleaned when wet. To clean your dry brush, rub cornmeal into the bristles and let them set for a few minutes and then scrub it out with your fingers or by vigorously brushing a clean rag.

The bristles on both brushes are soft and do not scratch the skin when using them. It leaves your skin glowing and reduces dark spots. The brushes can also help when applying products to your face and neck. Deep cleansing bristles shrink pores to prevent blackhead generation and your skin from aging. It also helps tighten pores and reduce fine lines. So soft and gentle both brushes can be used with your favorite cleansers and moisturizers.

This product has a 100%, 30 day money back guarantee.